This past weekend at the Storybrooke Cafe!

I want to thank Natalie at Storybrooke Cafe for having me at a signing, as well as inviting other writers! I met a bunch of nice people, and I’m going to talk about them! I’ll end up by talking about other projects Sword & Lion Publishing is looking into.

First is Natalie, herself. Natalie, you rock! It felt honored that you invited me to your shop, and that you’re supporting local writers. I look forward to attending another signing!

There are the writers I met:

Michelle Bolanger, who writes paranormal romance as part of her Cotiere Chronicles starting with The Kiss, as well as urban fiction of faith, Saving Detroit!

Sheenah Freitas, who writes YA fantasy in her Zincian Legend series.

A. Charles Ross, who writes dark urban fantasy and horror (a man after my own heart), in Phantom Lock: the Lost, as well as a collection of short fiction!

Of course, I would also like to thank D. M. Paul for turning me on to Storybrooke Cafe in the first place. She writes youth fiction, starting with The Gnomeling, the Tales of Christian Tompta!

If any of those genres is your thing, you should check out our talented Dayton-area writers. It’s up to us to break the hegemony of the New York-based publishing industry, and its stultifying influence on our fiction! Buy local – it’s worth it!

Additionally, Sword & Lion Publishing is moving forward.  Very soon, I’ll be posting some of the lovely photographs of another Sword & Lion affiliate who we’re honored to be working with to publish their work!  It’s an exciting time to be an indie publisher, and I’ve got to admit I like being able to help people get the recognition that they deserve.