Night War: The Dark Side of Dayton

Night War: The Dark Side of Dayton

This collection of modern fantasy stories by Ohio authors follows werewolves, wizards, and ordinary humans in the struggle for control of Dayton’s supernatural side.

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About the Book

Dayton has sleeping secrets–and some of them are waking up.

A city of almost a million people, Dayton invented flight but never received the fame and glory to go along with it. For the creatures who live in the shadows, it’s worth a lot of trouble — and a lot of blood — to keep things that way. From the military secrets of Hangar 18 to the dusty halls of restless ghosts, from rusting factories to rolling hills, the city landscape remembers its stories. Whether it’s government black ops, demon-possessed artifacts, or werewolf packs playing roller derby for keeps, the Hidden World churns with a struggle for supremacy. This anthology brings together eleven stories by Ohio authors exploring different visions of Dayton’s supernatural side. Taking the viewpoint of humans in one chapter and monsters in the next, the collection turns the familiar strange and the Midwest into a crossroads of hidden paths.

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Genre: Modern Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Sword & Lion Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780998778020
List Price: $11.99
eBook Price: $2.99
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About the Author
Kit Bradley

Kit Bradley rose from the primordial ooze of Ohio, where he became a warrior-poet crushing his enemies with his withering prose stylings. He is the author of the Lord Goblin series of novels and is working on more as we speak.

Kit lives in the biggest city in America whose name starts with the letter X, and he has an A-Number-1 kitty, a mutant cat with claws like Wolverine, a cat who is also a bug, and a demi-cat. His wife is very tolerant of his quirks - which are numerous - for which Kit is eternally grateful. He also likes reading, riding funny-shaped bicycles, martial arts, and lifting heavy pieces of iron and setting them down again.

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