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Introducing Mere Anarchy: Lord Goblin’s First Joint

Sword & Lion Publishing is proud to publish an exciting new modern fantasy novel, first of a series.  Described by author Kit Bradley as “a mixed martial arts apocalyptic dark modern fantasy with goblins,” Mere Anarchy is the first of an ongoing series about Channing Montmorency who struggles to survive and thrive after a supernatural cataclysm.  Join him and his friends as they battle not just the mysterious alvar, brutal trolls, and cannibalistic goblins from the Otherworld – but all-too-human forces of cruelty and barbarism at the end of the world.

If you like action-filled dark fantasy stories written for intelligent and adult audiences, you should buy Mere Anarchy immediately!

Introducing Night War: The Dark Side of Dayton

Sword & Lion Publishing is very proud to present the first volume of Ohio’s premier fantasy-horror anthology, Night War.  Inside are stories from six Ohio writers, stories about werewolves and ghosts, frogmen and vampires.  They are stories of mystery, terror, blood, violence, and horror.

Sword & Lion is very grateful and proud of all the contributors: Kit Bradley, Quinn Cheshire, K. E. Conway, Warren Fitzpatrick, Douglas Miller, and Ashlan Swain!  In the future, Sword & Lion is certain that some of them will be internationally recognized authors!

If you like horror and tales of the modern supernatural, Night War is for you!  Buy it now, and please comment!  Tell us what you love, and we’ll do more of it!

Why a Publishing Imprint for a Self-Published Writer

I find it slightly weird to have to make this post, but a friend of mine said that he didn’t trust publishing companies that were primarily about one writer’s work.

For my part, I see writing and publishing as my business, and it is typical to name your business.

A great deal confuses me about the way that many – if not most – writers approach the business of writing. Mostly, that few see it as a business. I understand the desire to put off the publishing details on someone else. It’s a giant pain in my ass to have to handle editing, marketing, and publishing – and I’m not good at some of these jobs, to boot. But I feel that many writers, in their rush to find someone else to do the business of publishing, also forget it is a business.

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