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Presenting Heroism and Other Lies, Episode 1, Pilot, by Douglas S. Miller

In association with Douglas Miller, Sword & Lion Publishing presents Heroism and Other Lie’s first episode, Pilot.  (It’s possible Doug likes puns.  Just saying.)  Doug’s bullet description is, “A former hero and a pilot get caught up in a conspiracy with megacorps, a hacker, and a super-powered madman.”  Go grab it, now!  Also available in paperback!


Introducing Night War: The Dark Side of Dayton

Sword & Lion Publishing is very proud to present the first volume of Ohio’s premier fantasy-horror anthology, Night War.  Inside are stories from six Ohio writers, stories about werewolves and ghosts, frogmen and vampires.  They are stories of mystery, terror, blood, violence, and horror.

Sword & Lion is very grateful and proud of all the contributors: Kit Bradley, Quinn Cheshire, K. E. Conway, Warren Fitzpatrick, Douglas Miller, and Ashlan Swain!  In the future, Sword & Lion is certain that some of them will be internationally recognized authors!

If you like horror and tales of the modern supernatural, Night War is for you!  Buy it now, and please comment!  Tell us what you love, and we’ll do more of it!