Lord Goblin’s First Joint: Mere Anarchy

Lord Goblin’s First Joint: Mere Anarchy

A mixed martial arts, post-apocalyptic modern dark fantasy with goblins in the ruins of the United States.

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About the Book

The alvar came out of the Otherworld, destroyed human civilization, and replaced it with one to their liking. Armed with the Sight, potent sorcery, and lacking the slightest hint of human morality, they destroyed the nations of the earth to rule over the ruins of humanity. Under them, trolls immune to nuclear fire and poison gas, immensely strong, unstoppable. Under them, hordes of goblins, cunning and rapacious, who view humans as slaves and food.

With the United States torn apart, plunged into utter ruin and desolation, Channing Montmorency returns to his rural Indiana home. There, he finds it overrun by goblins on one side, fundamentalist right-wing militias to the next, and above all the mighty alvish lady, Aife. Life is hard with innocent people crushed between the jaws of Otherworldly violence and humanity’s capacity for brutality. Armed with cleverness, a shocking capacity for violence, an open mind, and good friends, can Channing save the ones he loves without descending into brutality and madness?

Series: Lord Goblin
Genre: Modern Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Sword & Lion Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780998778006
List Price: 11.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Kit Bradley

Kit Bradley rose from the primordial ooze of Ohio, where he became a warrior-poet crushing his enemies with his withering prose stylings. He is the author of the Lord Goblin series of novels and is working on more as we speak.

Kit lives in the biggest city in America whose name starts with the letter X, and he has an A-Number-1 kitty, a mutant cat with claws like Wolverine, a cat who is also a bug, and a demi-cat. His wife is very tolerant of his quirks - which are numerous - for which Kit is eternally grateful. He also likes reading, riding funny-shaped bicycles, martial arts, and lifting heavy pieces of iron and setting them down again.

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